American Wild Edibles

America is rich with native wild edibles and medicinals. This site is a guide to help people understand what is growing around them and how to incorporate them into our lives. There are literally millions of American wild food species growing around us, each with their own attributes and some as in the case of mushrooms are yet to be discovered and documented.
Either way food and medicine grow prolifically around us if you know where to look and what to look for. I hope this site can help you realize the importance of these plants so you too can enjoy them for the power they lock within. American wild edibles are mineral rich and packed with vitamins, they should be an integral part of our diet for the overall health of our bodies and mind. Every single plant and mushroom discussed here are native to North America and while they may be found on other continents too, you need to double check for your region as what may be safe here in North America in Europe per say could be poisonous specifically in the mycological aspect. I am a firm believer that every region has their own

On another note, I personally am a firm believer that every region has their own native plants and mushrooms that can fix every issue known to man. There is no need to take from the rain forest for example when your own region has a plant that is equivalent! So please go native and stay native.

I love to get into the woods and forage and if you do too that is awesome.   Just make sure you do your own thorough research and join your local associations so you learn to identify from experts in person as well.

This site is not a true identification site! Although I may add identification tidbits I implore you to do your own research before ingesting any plant or mushroom. For your ease in identifying American wild foods,  links will be added in the species information page to true identification sites of botanists and mycologists, as they are the sites I use to triple check identification. These sites have a wealth of knowledge that is quite extensive and trustworthy nor is there reason to rewrite the same information and keys.
For those not interested in foraging further than your backyard, but have an interest in utilizing these wild edibles and medicinals, there will be links to reputable sustainably harvested wild plants and mushrooms for purchase. However please note that in their natural form it is difficult to keep fresh and can be hard to obtain fresh when shipped. In season you can obtain fresh plants and mushrooms locally. Usually, to store these for long term, wild edibles are either dried or made into an extract or tincture. As you delve deeper into the site I will make reference on these and how to use them in more details. If you want to try something but are not sure what form or company to try, mosey on over to my reviews page where I give the in-depth scoop. If I don’t trust the harvesting procedures or product quality for my family I will let you know.  If it’s not good enough for my family then it is not good enough for yours!
I thank you for visiting this site and hope you find valuable information here so you too may start to enjoy the benefits of eating American wild foods. Nature’s bounty is waiting for you!


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