Good Day!

My interest in wild edibles came from an early age.  How can we have a symbiotic relationship with nature?  What uses do these plants have for humans?   Over twenty six years of self education of native wild edibles has brought me to reconnect myself to old common knowledge before it was seemingly lost.  Now it seems less and less people know what is growing right around them, nor even care.  I find it sad to see someone in poor health looking for answers yet ripping up and destroying the very plant that would bring them relief growing right in their yard!   This brought me to the point of wanting to share this field with others because knowledge is power.

Knowing if anything happened and if you needed to, it would be easy to find useful plants and mushrooms to survive, is empowering to say the least.  Most importantly the Earth provides if you know where to look and these gifts are some of the best foods and medicines for our body.    So this site is dedicated to those who want to explore the bounty that nature provides albeit in foraging for yourself or just to try them out by ordering. Either way you will be reacquainting yourself with the nature around you while trying out the best wild edibles the world has to offer you.

I hope you find this site useful in your quest for wild edibles, remember to be smart, wear proper clothes if foraging, have the proper gear, only take what will be used and most importantly never ever eat something you are not 110% sure is identified correct!  I am always happy to help just leave a comment in the box below and I will do my best to get back to you quick.

Happy hunting!


Intention Eight

Founder of Wildedibles